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"Let there be snark on Earth, and let it begin with me." -Pandionna


Won't you be my neighbor?

[Friday, Apr. 03, 2009: 11:45 a.m.]

Another entry within one day??

I KNOW! Can you believe it?? If I'm not careful, I'll become downright prolific, or something.

Actually, I mainly wanted to send a shout-out to Ma, even though she doesn't read this: Today is her 59th birthday!

She is rather displeased and disgruntled of it, however. She tends to take the same dim view of natal days that I hold. Apples and trees- go figure. Still, no one is more delighted and grateful than I that she has realized another birthday. By sheer force of my will, being that I naturally control everything by dint of being... well... ME... that woman is destined to feeling chagrin and angst for decades more birthdays to come. She HAS to, because I cannot possibly live without her. So there. And neener. Or, whatever.


Happy, happy birthday anyway, Ma! Love you endlessly. May your g0lf score always match your age!!

In other breakneck segue news, Moot texted me again last night (Does the man never just CALL? I mean, honestly!), to ask if I happened to be aware that a registered sex offender lives "in the building right next to" me.

Yeah, um. What was the response on the tip of my tongue, again? Hang on, wait a second... hmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Oh, right! "NO!"

The upshot of the frenzied flurry of texts to follow (And don't think I didn't recognize the silliness of same, when I could have just CALLED. I mean, honestly!), is that Moot didn't mean "C" building literally next to mine, but the neighboring complex of buildings two blocks away.

See what actual verbal conversation could avoid?

Given my impending visitation/overnights weekend with the Things, I intuited where this was going pretty fast. Also did a quick look-up online, to discover there are nine registered offenders in Moot's area, versus my four.

Mmmmmmmm. Leverage.

Flooding each other's phones with a fresh avalanche of fevered texts (Asinine, but an excellent workout for the thumbs!), we debated everything from apartment background checks/lack thereof to the Gross National Product of Tanzania, and back again.

Ultimately, Moot wrote that he'd CALL, and we'd "talk further" today about my having the girls overnight this weekend, as "he doesn't want to keep them from" me. CALL! TALK. TALK! Which is all I wanted in the first place!!!

Gah. That man exhausts me before I even begin, and then long thereafter. Yet: Talking of leverage, he is the First-class fulcrum upon which the lever of my daughters rests, for now. See-saw. See-saw. See-saw. But. Only until he finally meets the Third-class lever of my arm and fist, however. SMASH! SMASH! SMASH! Grrrr. Sigh.

Time to get ready for another afternoon doing the M@ry P0ppins thing. Followed by two hours of cleaning for The Professor this evening: $35 is $35 is $35. Beating C.E. into the shower meanwhile? PRICELESS.

Back with the promised "My New Best Friend is the Clocks, She Rocks" entry later. With all this writing momentum "later" may not translate into 'Some outlying point in the Time/Space Continuum', for once!

Meanwhile, check out geekboy61, and see if you can figure out who he is/used to be. No fair peeking at my profile, or other like underhanded cheating shenanigans. Only I can do that!

Welcome back, hon! Glad to hear from you!


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